Introducing Photographer Lexi Diack

19 January 2024


I have been dying to introduce you to the person behind the photos you can find throughout my website. The photos of me, my play room in Howick and also all the stunning photos of The Journalling Workshop held in Feb 2023 which have been on my social media feeds were all taken by Lexi.

Photos taken by Lexi at the very first Journalling Workshop

Lexi is a treasure, a friend and a talented photographer. She’s a brilliant, in-tune mom with two kids she homeschools. I love the thoughtfulness and creativity she brings to whatever she does. When we were talking about her photography, what struck me is how Lexi sees photography as connection.

She cares about the hearts of the people she is photographing and is sensitive to people’s needs. She loves getting to photograph weddings of couples who are joy-filled and in love, focused on building a marriage beyond the wedding and not only having a ‘perfect’ day.

When Lexi came to photograph the Journalling Workshop, she was such a peaceful presence for me. She moved around the room so sensitively and took the most beautiful photos. I treasure these as a beautiful reminder of a significant day in my life.

As well as photographing weddings and families, Lexi specializes in interiors and architecture. She loves beautiful spaces with good light. And I can attest to the fact that she makes spaces look great! Check out her work on architecture at

If you’d like to see Lexi’s other work; weddings, families, couples and much more, you can check out If you’re looking for someone to work with who listens, builds relationship and who cares you will not regret setting up a meeting with Lexi for your next photoshoot!


A Story of Caution to end…

I asked Lexi’s permission to share this story because it’s so relevant and the more we build awareness and talk about it the better. Lexi shared that she has been putting together an online photography class for adolescent home schoolers. In the process of doing some research she searched the internet with an entirely innocent search phrase related to photoshop. What popped up was pornography. This lead to Lex and her husband double checking and improving the safety on their devices.

In this story is a caution and a reminder. It doesn’t take a search for porn to bring porn up onto the screen, unwelcomed! Thankfully it was Lexi who was exposed, and not either of her children. Put restrictions on all devices. Even if you have them, check them periodically. Don’t allow children to search the internet (even if it’s maths homework) unsupervised, make it a rule to have screentime in communal areas of your home and not in bedrooms.




Speaking of the Journalling Workshop… the next one is coming up on 3 Feb. If you are a journallor and would love a fun, creative morning of self-care, come along! If you have never journalled but you’d like to find out more, come along! No experience necessary. You can read more about my journalling workshops here.

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Introducing Photographer Lexi Diack

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